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Walk-in Showers in Christchurch (Doorless Showers)

Stake Glass is your local walk-in shower supplier and installer in Christchurch (also known as doorless showers).  We manufacture a wide range of custom made to measure frameless walk-in showers for residential and commercial applications.

Our custom walk-in showers can be measured to fit any space and our professional glaziers can carry out the installation for you. 

Get in touch today for more information or a quote or if you live in Christchurch, you can contact us for a free on-site quote for your walk-in shower installation.

Walk in Shower  Shower Glass

 walk in shower  Shower Glass 

A walk in shower is effectively a shower without a door (hence they are also sometimes called doorless showers).  You can design the shower to be fully or partly open, so you can easily "walk in" to the shower.  The floor of the shower can be continuous with the rest of the bathroom.

Our walk-in showers are made from toughened safety glass, which is more solid and doesn't need the same heavy duty metal frames that other types of glass need for stability. This type of glass is rated as Grade A Safety Glass, ensures maximum safety and is in accordance with AS/NZ 2208 standards.

There are two options available:

  • standard clear toughened glass
  • low-iron ultraclear toughened glass

Showers without Doors  Showers without Doors     

Walk-in showers can help create the illusion of extra space and give a bathroom a modern, clean-lined look.    

In order to complement the glass in your bathroom, we also offer hardware which comes in silver or black. Applying ClearShield makes cleaning the glass a breeze.

If you’re looking for the best quality walk-in showers in Christchurch, get in touch today and tell us what you need.

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