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Our Stake In The Ground

It was an afternoon in which we at Stake Glass unveiled our vision to New Zealand.

After two years of planning, and a $10 million investment, we vowed to change the pace of the Christchurch rebuild and the overall market in front of a collection of Christchurch’s most influential members.

Our Chairman Jamie Tulloch emphasised his decision to invest in Stake Glass, explaining that, “if Christchurch is good enough to live in, it’s good enough to invest in. Stake Glass has staked its future on orders from the local construction industry. Order books are open now!”

The Prime Minister commended Stake Glass on their tremendous “punt” to be a driving force for Christchurch and explained that it was confidence like theirs that will strengthen the New Zealand economy.

In addition to meeting and celebrating with the brains behind our company, the team gave Rt Hon John Key a factory tour of the glass processing plant and a behind-the-scenes look at the delicate process.   Our plant is able to process 2,000m2 of glass per day—ranging from annealed to double glazed—with the help of a state-of-the-art furnace.

“We are a family here at Stake Glass. Everyone came here because they believed in the potential of this company and I am thrilled the Prime Minister got a taste of everyone’s passion today,” stated Director Jake Lane.

While we remain level-headed in the pursuit of taking on a leading role for Christchurch, we were also taken aback by the outpouring of support on this special day.

As Tulloch stated amongst the 160 guests in attendance, “when we decided we were going to have an official opening, we thought maybe we would get 30 to 40 guests. We never expected this much support.”

It was a very special day for us, and as our Director Jake Lane put it, “it’s a businessman’s dream to stand alongside the Prime Minister and celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime business milestone. It’s more than just an opportunity, it’s a stake in the ground and showing our faith in the Christchurch economy.”

Stake Glass put their “stake in the ground” for the future of Christchurch on Thursday, 23 June 2016

Director Jake Lane (front), Chair Jamie Tulloch (back left) and Director Stephen Spencer (back right) lead Rt Hon John Key into their processing plant for a tour.

Furnace Supervisor Ray Low explains the one-of-a-kind furnace to Rt Hon John Key during the factory tour