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Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

Stake Glass is your local tinted glass supplier in Christchurch, NZ, for residential and commercial applications.  Our tinted glass products are designed to improve energy efficiency, and ensure privacy and comfort for your interiors.

Tinted glass is ideal for windows, doors, and skylights, our tinted glass provides the perfect blend of style and functionality for your home. We offer the following tinted glass colours: grey, bronze and green tinted glass.

Tinted Glass Tinted Glass Tinted Glass

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What is Tinted Glass?

Tinted glass is a type of glass that is produced by adding metal oxides to the raw materials during the float glass process, to reduce the amount of light that passes through it.

The primary purposes of tinted glass are to reduce glare, increase privacy, improve energy efficiency, and protect against ultraviolet (UV) radiation. 

Tinted Glass is used in window or glass applications that require privacy or a reduction in solar heat flowing into homes and buildings.  The most common tints include grey, bronze, green and blue.

Tinted Glass Colours and Thicknesses

We offer the following tinted glass colours and thicknesses:

  • Grey Tinted Glass: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm
  • Bronze Tinted Glass: 4mm, 5mm
  • Green Tinted Glass: 4mm, 5mm


Tinted Glass

  • Glare Reduction: Tinted glass can significantly reduce glare from the sun, making it more comfortable to look out of windows and reducing eye strain.
  • Privacy: It provides enhanced privacy by making it difficult for people outside to see into a building or vehicle while still allowing those inside to see out.
  • Energy Efficiency: By blocking a portion of the sun's heat, tinted glass helps to keep interiors cooler in the summer, reducing the need for air conditioning and lowering energy bills.
  • UV Protection: Tinted glass blocks a significant amount of UV rays, protecting furniture, flooring, and other interior items from fading and damage.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Tinted glass can enhance the appearance of buildings and vehicles, giving them a sleek, modern look.
    Temperature Control: It helps maintain a more consistent interior temperature by reducing heat gain during the summer and heat loss during the winter.

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