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Low E Glass in Christchurch

Why use Low E Glass?

Low Emissivity (low E) Glass

Windows can reflect, take in, and transfer heat, so Low E coatings can be used to enhance the performance of a window.

Low E is a common abbreviation of “Low Emissivity”. Low Emissivity means a surface that gives off low levels of radiant heat. Therefore, a glass window with a Low E coating will reduce the amount of heat transfer, making your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

This clear coating is thin —even thinner than a human hair—so it cannot be seen.  A Low E coating increases thermal performance by reducing ultraviolet and infrared light coming through the glass window, but it doesn't compromise the amount of visible light that is transferred.

Low E coatings reflect radiant heat - either from outside or inside, therefore reducing the heating and cooling costs of your home.

Double Glazing a window can halve the heat loss compared with a single glazed window. You can reduce heat loss further by using Low E Glass or by choosing units which use Argon Gas instead of Air to fill the space between the two panes of glass.


  • Significantly reduces heating loss compared with Double Glazed Windows without Low E Glass
  • Aligned with the NZ Building Code – improves the minimum energy performance standard of windows
  • Reduces the heating and cooling costs of your home
  • Less condensation – Low E Glass keeps the internal pane of glass warmer therefore reducing the occurrence of condensation
  • Improved comfort – your home is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Healthier home - reduced condensation, improved warmth and a drier home
  • Reduces fading of fabrics, carpet, and furniture caused by the sun’s UV light
  • Provides remarkable clarity - the Low E coating does not affect clarity, so you can enjoy the view.


Stake Glass is now the Stockist of Low E ADVANCED 1.1  

A Low E double glazed window will give you a U Value of 1.1, when it is combined with a 14mm Thermal Spacer and Argon Gas.    The U Value measures the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, or how much heat passes through your glass.  A lower U-value means lower heat transfer and better insulation of your home.

Therefore, Low E Advanced 1.1 will give you even greater insulating/performance, air gap properties than our Low E Planitherm 1.3.

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Stake Glass is your local Low E glass supplier and we can help you find a Low E Double Glazing solution for your home or business.  

We are partnering with Modglass Retro-fit to provide the best possible Low E Double Glazing systems for wood and aluminium windows.

Contact us today for more information, or if you live in Christchurch we can arrange for Modglass Retro-fit to do an on-site measure and quote.


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