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Walk in Showers in Christchurch

Stake Glass is your local walk in shower supplier and installer in Christchurch. People commonly refer to walk in showers as doorless showers. We produce an extensive variety of custom made frameless walk in showers for both home and business use.

We can customise our showers to fit any space, and our skilled glass specialists can install them for you. 

Contact us for more information. If you have measurements or designs, please send them to us. This will assist us in providing you with a quote for your walk-in shower installation.

 walk in showers walk in showers walk in showers 

 Click here, to view examples of all the frameless glass showers we can produce. 

Walk in Shower Installation Process

Walkin Shower Installation Walkin Shower Installation

1. Contact Us: for additional details, a pricing estimate, or an in-person measurement and quote.

2. Quote:if you require a quote, please email your measurements or plans, so we can provide you with a quote. Please include a photo of the shower location for reference.

3. Quote Acceptance: after you've agreed to our quotation, we will send you a bill for a 50% upfront payment.

4. Final Measure: once we have received the deposit, we will schedule a final measure.

5. Glass is Processed: your final dimensions will be input into the production line and your glass will undergo processing.

6. Shower Installation: once your glass is ready, we will set up a time to install your shower. 

Walk in Showers for Small Bathrooms

A walk in shower is a shower without a door, also known as a doorless shower.  You can design the shower to be fully or partly open, so you can easily "walk in" to the shower. The floor of the shower can be continuous with the rest of the bathroom.

If your bathroom is small, our walk-in showers can help you save space and maintain a stylish, modern appearance. They are a great option for maximising space in a small bathroom while still achieving a modern look. These showers do not require bulky enclosures, which saves space and makes the room feel more open and airy.

walk in shower walk in showers

Our walk in showers are made from toughened safety glass, which is more solid and doesn't need the same heavy duty metal frames that other types of glass need for stability. This type of glass is rated as Grade A Safety Glass, ensures maximum safety and is in accordance with AS/NZ 2208 standards.

To enhance the look of your bathroom glass, we also provide a wide variety of shower hardware. Applying ClearShield makes cleaning the glass a breeze.

If you’re looking for the best quality walk-in showers in Christchurch, get in touch today and tell us what you need.

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Get in touch today for more information or if you already have measurements or plans, please feel free to email these to us, so we can provide you with a quote for your walk-in shower installation.

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