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Float Glass

Float Glass | Annealed Glass

Stake Glass is your local float glass supplier in Christchurch.  Glass factories initially produce a product called Float Glass.  Float glass is the most commonly used form of glass today.  A standard sheet of Float Glass is also known as Annealed Glass.    

Float Glass is produced by a process of floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal (usually molten tin).  It floats on the surface, hence the name, and spreads out to form a level, uniform surface.  As the glass begins to cool it solidifies and is drawn out of the float tank in one continuous ribbon.  

Float Glass | Annealed Glass

The glass then enters the annealing or cooling lehr.  Annealing is a process of slowly cooling glass to relieve internal stresses after it is formed. 

Annealed glass often goes on to get further treatments or coatings to become different types of glass.

Annealed glass is the most commonly used type of glass in New Zealand homes.  It allows the easy transfer of heat, light and noise, and if broken it shatters into large sharp pieces.

Clear Float Glass Thickness

We currently stock the following sizes of clear float glass:

  •  3mm
  •  4mm
  •  5mm
  •  6mm
  •  8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm
  • 15mm

With our comprehensive selection, you can find the perfect thickness for your project needs, whether you require standard dimensions or custom cuts.

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