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Reeded Glass | Fluted Glass

Reeded Glass | Fluted Glass

Stake Glass is your local reeded glass supplier & installer in Christchurch, for residential and commercial applications.  

Reeded glass seamlessly integrates into a variety of applications, including shower enclosures, interior doors, partitions, and windows.  Its popularity stems from its unique aesthetic and functional qualities.  

Reeded Glass   Reeded Glass Panel

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What is Reeded Glass?

Reeded glass, also known as ribbed or fluted glass, is a type of textured glass characterized by vertical lines or grooves on its surface.  

Reeded Glass | Fluted Glass


Key Characteristics

Vertical Lines: The most defining feature of reeded glass is the presence of vertical lines or ribs on its surface.

Diffused Light: The vertical lines on reeded glass create a diffusing effect on light passing through it. This diffusion softens the light and can add an element of elegance to the illuminated space

Privacy | Obscure Glass: While not completely opaque, reeded glass provides a degree of privacy by obscuring the view through its textured surface. Obscure glass refers to any type of glass that is designed to obscure the view partially or fully through it.  The vertical lines or grooves on reeded glass create a unique texture that obscures the view, providing a level of privacy.

Reeded Glass is often used in areas where a balance between openness and privacy is desired.

Reeded Glass



We offer reeded glass in both annealed and/or toughened glass options, available in 5mm, 10mm.

Reeded glass can also be ordered as laminate glass. Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that consists of two or more layers of glass with an interlayer that holds the layers together. 

When reeded glass is used as one of the layers in laminated glass, it retains its textured appearance while gaining the benefits of laminated glass, such as increased safety and security. 


Common Applications of Reeded Glass:

Shower Enclosures: The textured surface of reeded glass makes it a popular choice for shower enclosures, providing privacy in the bathroom while allowing light to enter.

Interior Doors: Reeded glass is frequently used in interior doors, adding a touch of sophistication to spaces while allowing light to pass through.

Room Dividers: Reeded glass is often used in room dividers or partitions, creating a sense of separation without completely blocking the view.

Cabinet Doors: In cabinetry, reeded glass can be used in cabinet doors to showcase items inside while adding a decorative element.

Windows: It can be incorporated into Windows to provide both visual interest and a degree of privacy.


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