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Glass Shower Doors - Hinged and Sliding Shower Doors 

Stake Glass is your local frameless glass shower door supplier and installer in Christchurch. We supply a wide range of custom-made shower doors for home and business installations.

Our bathroom shower doors can slide or swing and be customised to match any bathroom style. Our skilled glaziers handle their installation. Reach out today for further details or provide us with your dimensions for a personalised quote.  

Glass Shower Door NZ Glass Shower Door NZ

We offer a variety of bespoke designs such as: alcove, arched, barn-style, corner, and walk-in shower doors.

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Hinged Glass Shower Doors

Frameless hinged shower doors are a type of frameless shower enclosure. They do not have a surrounding frame. Hinged shower doors pivot on hinges, similar to a standard door. This pivot door can swing in both directions, providing easy access to the shower area.

Shower Door NZ Shower Door NZ Shower Door NZ

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Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Frameless sliding shower doors are a type of shower enclosure that features glass panels without a surrounding frame. These doors typically slide open and closed using a system of rollers or racks, eliminating the need for a bulky frame.

  sliding shower doors sliding shower doors

Bathroom Shower Door Installation Christchurch

We install frameless glass shower enclosures, doors, panels, screens, and other glass products for bathrooms. Our installers are highly trained and experienced, ensuring precision and quality in every project.

If you need a new shower or want to replace your shower glass, we have the right solution for you. We specialise in renovations and new installations. Our friendly team can help you choose the perfect glass solution.  

shower door installerShower Door Installer

The Installation Process

1. Contact Us - for additional details, a pricing estimate, or an in-person measurement and quote.

2. Quote - if you require a quote, please email your measurements or plans, so we can provide you with a quote. Please include a photo of the shower location for reference.

3. Quote Acceptance - after you've agreed to our quotation, we will send you a bill for a 50% upfront payment.

4. Final Measure - once we have received the deposit, we will schedule a final measure.

5. Glass is Processed - your final dimensions will be input into the production line and your glass will undergo processing.

6. Shower Installation - once your glass is ready, we will set up a time to install your shower.

Shower Door Hardware

To complement the glass in your bathroom, we also offer a wide range of shower hardware, from shower handles and knobs to shower hinges. Click here for more information.


Shower Door Glass

Our shower doors are made from 10mm toughened safety glass.  This eliminates the need for heavy metal framing to support the enclosure.  This type of glass ensures maximum safety and meets NZ Standards.

Safety Glass is processed glass that is manufactured to satisfy the requirements of AS/NZS 2208 for safety glazing. Toughened Glass is rated as Grade A safety glass.         

Shower Door Glass

We offer the following shower door glass options:

  • Clear Shower Glass - see-through glass that lets in lots of light, making the bathroom feel spacious and bright.
  • Obscure Shower Glass - also known as frosted shower glass, blocks visibility but allows light to pass through. It gives privacy in showers by scattering light and distorting images, making it hard to see through the glass clearly.
  • Reeded glass - also called ribbed or fluted glass, is textured glass with parallel ridges on one or both surfaces. These ridges create a distinctive pattern that diffuses light and obscures visibility to some extent.

ClearShield for Shower Doors

Cleaning your frameless shower door has never been easier.

When you order a frameless shower door from Stake Glass you can request to get ClearShield applied to your shower glass.  ClearShield is a 'glass surface protection' product that helps seal and prevent build-up on glass surfaces. 

Stake Glass is a ClearShield professional applicator.

Frameless Glass Shower Clearshield

Typically, ClearShield™ Glass reduces the frequency of cleaning by half. Like 'non-stick' cookware, the maintenance of ClearShield™ Glass does not require harsh and abrasive cleaning chemicals and methods.

Please note, if you request ClearShield we will apply it to your shower glass during the glass production process. 

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