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Buy Wall Mirrors Online in NZ

Buy our custom Wall Mirrors online in NZ - just click here and we will step you through our easy process.

Nationwide Delivery

Stake Glass is your mirror glass supplier for residential and commercial mirror applications.  We supply a wide range of decorative frameless wall mirrors from small to large wall mirrors, custom wall mirrors and more.

Whether you are looking for a mirror for your bathroom, living room, bedroom, hallway or dinning room we can custom make a frameless wall mirror to suit your requirements.

We can produce frameless custom mirrors of any size from small mirrors to large mirrors and extra large mirrors.   

Our custom wall mirrors come in a number of different shapes, from classic round mirrors to square mirrors, oval mirrors and so much more and a thickness that works for your application. 

You can choose from polished edges or bevelled edges and a range of fixings for a clean look.  Our frameless bathroom mirrors can be attached to the wall using a special glue and tape, mirror domes or mirror clips. 

We can produce a wide range of wall mirrors, so browse through our Online Shop, or contact us if you require further information - or scroll down for more information.

Safety vinyl backing is available on our mirrors, so if it accidentally breaks, the adhesive backing will keep the glass fragments together, reducing the risk of injury.

Our Mirrors can be delivered Nationwide.  Christchurch only - pickup, onsite measure and installation available.


Our Mirrors are available in the following thicknesses:

4mm Mirror
5mm Mirror
6mm Mirror
4mm Vinyl-backed Mirror
6mm Vinyl-backed Mirror

Polished Edge Mirrors or Bevelled Edge Mirrors

Polished or bevelled edges are also available. The difference here is strictly in personal preference.

A polished edge mirror is produced by buffing the edge of the glass with a fine abrasive material making sure the edge is no longer sharp. Polished edge mirrors offer a minimalistic, clean line look.

A bevelled wall mirror has its edges cut and polished at a specific angle to produce the look of a mirror that has a framed-edge around it.   This edge gives the mirror a beautiful, subtle finished look that usual mirrors don't have.  Bevelled mirrors highlight both the mirror and the frame.