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Retrofit Double Glazing in Christchurch NZ

Stake Glass is your local Retrofit Double Glazing glass supplier in Christchurch for residential and commercial applications.  Heat loss through single glazed windows can be halved using double glazing!  

We partner with Modglass Retro-fit and other Retrofit Double Glazing companies in Christchurch, to provide the best possible Double Glazing systems for wood and aluminium windows.

Contact us today for more information, or we can arrange for Modglass Retro-fit to do an on-site measure and quote.

What is Retrofit Double Glazing (RFDG)?

Retrofit double glazing means that you don’t need to do away with your existing aluminium or wooden windows to get better quality insulation in your home.  Retrofit double glazing converts existing single glazed to double glazed windows. 

Single glazed windows are the most significant source of heat loss in a home. The more glass surface area you have, the more heat you stand to lose. In a well-insulated home, approximately 51% of heat is lost through single-glazed windows.  However, heat loss through single glazed windows can be halved using double glazing.

You can reduce heat loss further by using different glass types (such as Low Emissivity (Low E) Glass) or by choosing units which use Argon Gas instead of Air to fill the space between the two panes of glass.

Retro Glazing is an excellent choice if you want to upgrade to the superior performance of Double Glazing without replacing your existing windows. 

Retrofit Double Glazing Christchurch

Double Glaze existing aluminium and wooden windows, with a small change to your original frames the single glazing can be removed and replaced with new insulated, energy efficient, double glazed panels. 

Retro Glazing also offers a more affordable alternative, by double glazing existing windows, when compared with completely replacing your window frames.

Retrofit Double Glazing Wooden Windows

There’s no doubt that wooden/timber-framed windows are beautiful, however the downside is they can be drafty. Wooden windows can contribute to heat loss, letting in drafts, noise and ongoing condensation problems.

You can have the best of both worlds, with minimal change to the appearance of your windows by retrofitting double glazed window panels into your existing timber windows.


Retrofit Double Glazing Aluminium Windows

Your existing aluminium window frames can be converted into double glazed windows.

With minimal changes to the appearance of your windows, you can experience the benefits of double glazing.

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Contact us today for more information, or we can arrange for Modglass Retro-fit to do an obligation free an on-site measure and quote.

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