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Bathroom Mirrors in Christchurch

Stake Glass is your bathroom mirror supplier and installer for residential and commercial mirror applications in Christchurch.  Whether you are looking for a small or a large bathroom mirror, we can custom make a frameless mirror to meet your requirements.   

Our high-quality mirrors come in a number of various shapes - from classic round, square, rectangular to oval mirrors and more - and a thickness that works for your application.

Bathroom Mirror Christchurch  Bathroom Mirror Christchurch      

Our frameless bathroom mirrors can be attached to the wall using a special glue and tape, mirror domes or mirror clips.  So contact us if you require further information - or scroll down for more information.

Bathroom Mirrors Online

Now you can buy our custom, made-to-measure Frameless mirrors online - SHOP NOW and we will step you through our easy process.

Bathroom Mirror Bathroom Mirror

For Christchurch customers, our mirrors are available for pick-up, and we can also do onsite measurement and installation.


Our Mirrors are available in the following types and thicknesses:

  • 4mm Mirror
  • 5mm Mirror
  • 6mm Mirror
  • 4mm Vinyl-backed Mirror
  • 6mm Vinyl-backed Mirror

A vinyl back mirror typically refers to a mirror with a vinyl backing. In case the mirror glass breaks, the vinyl backing prevents shards from scattering, reducing the risk of injury.

Polished Edge Mirrors 

We get a polished edge mirror by buffing the edge of the glass with a fine abrasive material, ensuring the edge is no longer sharp. Polished edge mirrors offer a minimalistic, clean line look.

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Contact us today for more information, or a free quote.  Mirror installation is also available in Christchurch.

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