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Stake Glass is your glass table top supplier for residential and commercial applications. Glass table tops are used as the actual glass surface of a table or as a table cover protector on an existing table, coffee table, side table or piece of furniture.  Please note, our current maximum limits for North Island Delivery are: 1.2m and weight 25kg. 

Whether you need a glass table top replacement or a glass top for furniture protection, we can custom make and cut to size one to suit your requirements.  We offer a variety of sizes, glass thicknesses, glass types, shapes and edge finishes. We can also provide custom holes, notches or cut-outs.

All of our custom glass table tops for sale are made using Toughened Glass as it is up to five times stronger than Standard Annealed Glass.  Toughened glass tables, sometimes referred to as tempered glass tables, can withstand strong direct impacts and if it does break, it does so into small blunt granules.  These granules are less likely to cause injury. 

We can produce a wide range of glass table tops, so browse through our Online Shop, or contact us if you require further information - or scroll down for more information.

Our custom glass table tops are great for both indoor and outdoor applications and they are very easy to maintain and clean.

Remember glass table top protectors can be placed on any surface you want to keep protected from scratches, spills, stains and other damage.  


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Glass Types

We offer the following glass types & thickness for Glass Table Tops:

  • Clear (6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm) 
  • Tinted Grey (6mm, 10mm) 
  • Low Iron Extra Clear (6mm, 10mm) 
  • Stippolite Obscure/Privacy (4mm, 5mm) 
  • Mistlite Obscure/Privacy (4mm, 5mm) 
  • Cathedral Obscure/Privacy (4mm, 5mm) 

Polished Edge

A polished edge table top is produced by buffing the edge of the glass with a fine abrasive material making sure the edge is no longer sharp. Polished edges offer a minimalistic, clean-line look.


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