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Glass Balustrades in Christchurch

Stake Glass is your local frameless glass balustrade supplier and installer in Christchurch for residential and commercial applications.  We supply a wide range of custom made external outdoor & internal frameless glass balustrades.

Glass Balustrades NZ Glass Balustrades NZ

Contact us today for more information or if you already have measurements or plans, please feel free to email these to us, so we can provide you with a quote.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

1. Frameless Glass Balustrades for Stairs 

Glass balustrades add a sleek, modern touch to residential staircases. Their transparency allows for unobstructed views, making your home feel more open and spacious. Additionally, they provide safety without compromising on style.

frameless glass balustrades frameless glass balustrades

2. Balcony Frameless Glass Balustrades 

Enhance the appeal of your balcony with glass balustrades. They offer a clear view of the surroundings, and the sturdy construction ensures safety while allowing natural light to flood your space.

Glass Balustrades Christchurch Glass Balustrades Christchurch   

3. Outdoor Decking and Patio Glass Balustrades

For outdoor areas such as decks and patios, glass balustrades provide a windbreak without blocking the view. They create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for enjoying the outdoors in comfort.

Glass Balustrade NZ Glass Balustrade NZ   

4. Glass Pool Fencing

Glass balustrades are an excellent choice for pool fencing. They comply with safety regulations while maintaining an elegant, uncluttered look. The transparent barrier ensures you can keep an eye on the pool area without sacrificing the visual appeal of your property.

frameless glass balustrade frameless glass balustrade

Safety Glass

Create a custom made balustrade or windbreak for your balcony, decking, patio, staircase or pool area without compromising on safety.  All of our balustrades are made using Toughened Safety Glass or Toughened Laminated Safety Glass.

Safety Glass is processed glass that is manufactured to satisfy the requirements of AS/NZS 2208 and other international standards, for safety glazing.  Toughened Glass and Laminated Glass are rated as Grade A safety glass.

Glass Balustrade Christchurch Glass Balustrade Christchurch

Glass Balustrade Fixings

We offer the following frameless glass balustrade fixings:

1. Base-Fixed  

Glass panels are secured into a channel that is fixed to the floor.

Glass Balustrade Fixings

2. Side-Fixed 

Glass panels are mounted onto the side of a structure using bolts or standoffs.

Glass Balustrade Fixings

3. Clamped (Spigot) Systems

Small metal clamps (spigots) hold the glass panels in place at intervals along the base.

Glass Balustrade Fixings


  • Gives an extra sense of space and openness
  • Creates a minimalist look while maintaining safety and durability
  • Allows you unobstructed views
  • Gives some protection from the wind
  • Adds light by allowing light to flow unobstructed
  • Apply Clearshield for easy cleaning

Frameless Glass Balustrade      

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Contact us today for more information or if you already have measurements or plans, please feel free to email these to us, so we can provide you with a quote.

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