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Toughened Glass / Tempered Glass in NZ

Stake Glass is your local toughened glass supplier in Christchurch, NZ, for residential and commercial applications. 

We supply and install a wide range of toughened safety glass products from showers to kitchen splashbacks, balustrades, partitions, windows, doors, shelves, glass table-tops and more.


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What is Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is up to five times stronger than standard  Float Glass, offering the highest impact resistance.   

Float glass is the most commonly used type of glass in New Zealand homes.  This type of glass often goes on to get further treatments or coatings to become different types of glass.  Toughened glass is Float Glass which has been toughened.

Float glass goes through a heat treatment process, to increase its strength. The glass is heated at high temperatures (650°C), then cooled very quickly.  As a result, the outer surfaces go into compression and the interior remains in tension, which gives toughened glass (tempered glass) its strength.   

Toughened Glass is rated as Grade A Safety Glass in accordance with AS/NZ 2208 and other international standards.  It can withstand strong direct impacts and if it does break, instead of breaking into sharp, jagged pieces, it does so into small blunt glass granules.  These granules are less likely to cause injury.  

You can purchase toughened glass cut to size, however before beginning the glass toughening process, the glass must be cut to the desired size.  This is because it cannot be re-worked once toughened.  

Toughened Glass Types

We offer the following toughened / tempered glass types: 

  • Clear toughened glass 
  • Coloured tinted toughened glass 
  • Obscure toughened glass / Obscure tempered glass (Stippolite, Mistlite, Cathedral)  
  • Frosted toughened glass (Etchlite) 
  • Low Iron toughened glass 
  • Laminated toughened glass
  • Low E toughened glass 

Toughened Glass Thicknesses 

Toughened glass comes in a range of thicknesses.  We offer the following thicknesses:

  •  4mm clear toughened
  •  5mm clear toughened
  •  6mm clear toughened
  •  8mm clear toughened
  • 10mm clear toughened
  • 12mm clear toughened
  • 19mm clear toughened

It depends on what you are using it for as to how thick it should be.  

Benefits of Toughened Glass

  • Thermal Resistance to Breakage  - toughened glass has an excellent heat-withstanding capacity.   It can be used in situations where there is a danger of the glass breaking due to extreme heat.  However, tempered glass is not fire rated and should not be used where fire resistance is also needed.  Toughened glass is the ideal and safe choice for kitchen backsplashes and kitchen shelves.
  • Strength & Resilience - toughened glass can be used in situations where there is a danger of the glass breaking due to strong direct impacts.   
  • Safety - toughened glass ensures that if it is broken for whatever reason then it breaks safely.    

Toughened Glass Uses / Applications

Toughened glass is designed to be used in Residential and Commercial applications where strength, safety and thermal resistance are important considerations. 
Toughened glass is used for making: 

  • Glass Doors
  • Glass Kitchen Splashbacks 
  • Shower Doors & Screens 
  • Standard Windows (Floor-level windows) 
  • Double Glazed Windows 
  • Commercial Doors 
  • Glass shelves 
  • Glass table-tops 
  • Balustrades and Fences 
  • Balcony doors 
  • Stairways 
  • Sliding doors 
  • Furniture 
  • Glass cabinets 
  • Internal Glass Partitions 
  • Shopfronts and entrances 
  • Skylights  

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